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Private WoW server Vendetta (Old name - Free WoW server Vendetta)

       Welcome to Private WoW server Vendetta home page,
join us for free to play this amazing game, meet new friends, discover exciting world full of magic and heroes, come to our forum to discuss about what you have found out in game, and not only there…

       World Of Warcraft is here and it is waiting just for you, there are two hostile sides of The Horde and The Aliance. But as it was seen in past, these two sides, if there is going to worst moments, can join each-other to face their deadly enemy. Who will you join to? Will you join other warriors or you decide to live alone? Will you become a hero? Discoverer? Famous thief? Or perhaps you take control of dark magic, or even demons? Come and join us and show chat is inside of you...

| Autor: Marek | Vydáno dne 05. 10. 2008 | 50 přečtení | Informační e-mailVytisknout článek
Here you can play free game World Of Warcraft is datadisk The Burning Crusade (TBC) or Wrath Of The Lich King (WOTLK). The server is called Private World Of Warcraft server Vendetta (Short Private WoW server Vendetta, formerly the Free World Of Warcraft server Vendetta, or The Free WoW server Vendetta. World Of Warcraft is a great online game type MMORPG so do not hesitate and come to us for free play. If you are looking for Free WoW server (Free World of Warcraft server), so you are correct.
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